You know your books and financials have to be done


That doesn’t mean you don’t worry about being compliant or missing key deadlines! It’s just that keeping your books and tax up to date can feel overwhelming – and then, you still worry about whether it’s correct!

An online, cloud-based accounting system, together with our team of accounting experts, will mean you can breathe easy. We will manage your Tax and E-filing and our financial team will compile and sign off your Annual Financials. All your SARS submissions will be on time and in complete compliance.  

No-one told you just how stressful payroll can be, did they?

It just feels like month-end comes around far too quickly. You’ve barely got through last month and this month end is upon you. We understand.

We understand that you will need to link performance of work to wages and hence to your payroll and are able to deal with all of that for you, ensuring calculations are accurate and that you remain legally compliant, but at the same time incentivising your staff to perform. We’d love to take that weight off your shoulders.

We will prepare employee payslips and submit the monthly and annual SARS returns, including UIF and PAYE. Our payroll services also include payroll software. 

In some instances, it’s been found that SARS penalties and interest can easily exceed the costs of simply outsourcing this function, that’s something to think about …

Would you like to improve your bottom line?
Let us help you by claiming your diesel rebate!

An article in FarmBiz indicated that diesel purchases can comprise up to 9% of your farm’s expenses, and we have worked out that this may add up to 2% to your bottom line. But you have way too many other things to focus on to give it your attention.

No problem. We can help you to access the Diesel Rebate! We can calculate your fuel consumption per vehicle, maintain driver and vehicle records, record and monitor the costs of your assets and do all your vat refund workings and submissions. There is a tidy sum, just waiting for you to claim back from SARS!

Need to buy something, but not sure there is cash in your business?

Do you know whether your customers paying timeously? Is there enough money coming into your business to cover expenses? Are you managing who owes you money?

With us, you can answer these (and many other) questions quickly, and confidently.  So you can keep your finger on the pulse and make the best decisions for your business. Now that’s peace of mind.

How can you adapt to change if you don’t have the trends at your fingertips?

Customised, insightful Management Accounts allow you to adapt and drive your business forward in the right direction. These visual accounts provide key financial and statistical information required by you, giving you a close look at each division’s profitability and how you are performing against budget.

See exactly where your agricultural strengths and weaknesses lie – so that you can drive your operations in the right direction and become more profitable. Work smarter, not harder!

Why should I outsource to you as opposed to employing?

The bottom line is, outsourcing saves you time, money and leaves you free to focus on running your business… or enjoy some quality time! In fact, outsourcing your accounting work can save your business as much as 40%!

We work alongside you to assist you, whether it’s submitting your invoices and statements timeously, so you can get paid faster or allocating transactions on your bank accounts so that, at financial year-end, you’ll be ready!

We know you’re not average!

So, we assess each business and base our quotation on our understanding of your requirements.  Our affordable monthly fee remains the same for the full 12-month period. There are no hidden costs.

Need to chat further? We understand farm accounting! If you’d like additional information just drop us a mail and we’ll be in touch.

Move to TRNZact and then relax – knowing you have a trusted financial partner.